This New England Healing Services website is dedicated to the healing of the sick and the afflicted. It lists Upcoming Healing Services in all of the six New England States.  To find Healing Services at a church near you, simply place your cursor on the Healing Services menu, then choose the state where you would like to attend a service.

To watch streamed Healing Services from area churches anytime of the day or night all month, click on “Watch A Healing Service Anytime” at the top of this page and at the top of all pages dedicated to particular States.

Your help is needed. It is requested that you contact your parish priest, and/or your church bulletin editor, and have this website listed permanently in your Sunday church bulletin.  If you would like to include your healing service on this site, please navigate to the “Contact Us” > “To List A Healing Service” page to send the details.

Thank You.